GITI Module 1: Introduction to the Global Inclusive Teaching Initiative

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We are really excited that you have joined our global community of inclusion practitioners and are embarking on the Global Inclusive Teaching Initiative (GITI), a new, ground breaking, teaching programme.

The programme is set out over 5 modules. This is Module 1 which is your introduction to GITI as well as our leading authors – in their own words. We explain here how to navigate your way through the course. You can read Daniel Sobel’s opening literature review,  ‘The Inclusion Journey’, as well as his feature called ‘Inclusion is a Verb: Belonging and Schools.’ These provide unique reference points for your further studies. If you are organising GITI in your school, we also provide extra information on how you can introduce the course to your colleagues and monitor submissions as a ‘Group Leader’.

Modules 2 to 5 are your learning modules. Each module is divided into accessible units and parts of bitesize professional development. Each part compromises of four key elements, Watch-Read-Do-Review that you can easily relate to your teaching practice.

To get started, it is essential that you watch our User Guide: How to use and navigate the GITI Course and read Structure and Process in Unit B. This will ensure that you can navigate your way around the programme and get the most out of the initiative, for yourself as well as for your school.

So jump in now! Meet the authors and be inspired by their welcome messages to you.