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Welcome to the IFIP Training Hub! This is the place to find lots of new online inclusion courses for schools and colleges around the world. No matter how big or small your learning institution, we have the best inclusion training for your staff, written by leading experts in the field. If you would like to enrol for any of our courses please click here.

NEW RELEASE: Our Global Inclusive Teaching Initiative (GITI) is a ground breaking global teaching programme that is establishing an international standard for differentiation. It will help all teachers to effectively meet the needs of all children in the classroom, in a truly inclusive way. Find out more here.

GITI Module 1: Introduction to the Global Inclusive Teaching Initiative

GITI Module 2: Structures that support differentiation

GITI Module 3: Differentiation of pedagogy and teaching skills

GITI Module 5: Conceptual and practical foundations of inclusive teaching


GITI Taster: Communicating effectively, lesson design and inclusive group work